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What is Zoga ?

Zoga is a high tech application to help learn and practice yoga and meditation. Zoga was founded in 2020 with the aim to equip users with tools to deal with the challenges that they face on a daily basis. We spent hundred's of hours on the drawing board to ensure we have features that help live a happier and healthier life

Center yourself

Take your focus from the outside world to the inside world as you find tranquility and peace

Single point of focus

Improve your focus and the quality of life you live as you will achieve better results quicker

Just breathe

Breath is a powerful tool, learn various breathing techniques to manage your health, emotions and relationships


Reestablish your inherent connection with your self, everyone and everything around you

How we do it ?

The autonomous Zoga algorithm uses the latest tech in augmented reality and artificial intelligence to bring the yoga/ meditation studio to you on your device. It uses deep learning to ensure that it is evolving with you and your practice.

Free Courses

In a world where there are no free lunches, Zoga is committed to offering free coaching - 100’s of meditation resources; 15, 30 and 60-minute yoga programs and much more. All of this on your device- completely free, no strings attached !

Multiple Languages (English, Hindi)

Launching in Hindi and English

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